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Mark Hurd Talks to Silicon Angle About the Cloud

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd spoke to Silicon Angle’s John Furrier about the state of the cloud and competition. Among the highlights:

  • “The ability now to integrate structured data and unstructured data, and do it in near real-time so that you can make a decision on something based on early indicators and then merge and integrate it with the core way that you run a company – that’s how you’ll see analytics evolve.”
  • “At Oracle, we feel uniquely posititioned in that we’re not just big in the cloud, but we have a heritage on premise. And I see that as a very, very strong asset in the ability now to bring those two worlds together.”
  • “Nobody’s provided solutions at the depth of breadth that Oracle has over the past 20-some years. So we’ve got a lot of experience in the business. And that experience really is at the enterprise level.”

See more of Mark Hurd’s comments at Silicon Angle.

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