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Lessons from the Value Factor: Value

The third segment of The Value Factor, a book co-written by Mark Hurd and Lars Nyberg, focuses on the value delivered to customers and the long-term growth of the company through the application of vision and control. This section also details how faster insight into the financial details of a company helps CEOs react and […]

Lessons from the Value Factor: Control

The last article focused on lessons from The Value Factor, a book co-written by Mark Hurd and Lars Nyberg, one of the key takeaways Mark Hurd imparted was the need for “a single version of the truth.” The Control section of the Value Factor goes into further detail about the benefits of that single source […]

Mark Hurd: Why AI Will Benefit Us All

In his latest Influencer article on LinkedIn, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses AI and the importance of machine learning (ML) as a foundational tool for creating social good and business success. Encouraging customers to adopt this technology, Hurd explains, does not involve selling the technology as a standalone product.

New Oracle Campus to Draw Top-Talent

The first phase of construction at Oracle’s new campus in Austin, Texas is quickly approaching completion. Plans to construct the 560,000-square-foot technology campus were first unveiled in 2015, and now employees, as well as the Austin community, anxiously await the January 8, 2018 opening.

Lessons from the Value Factor: Vision

Company vision is critical to long term success. Defining a unified vision and building a culture around that vision is a difficult task for any executive. In the Value Factor, Mark Hurd and Lars Nyberg discuss why vision is so important and how to foster a culture of empowered employees.

Oracle/ITA Masters Recap

Collegiate tennis players will have new tournaments to test their skills in 2018 at the Oracle Challenger Series, debuting next year. Representing a partnership between Oracle, ATP, and WTA, the Oracle Challenger Series is the latest of tournaments sponsored by Oracle to encourage the growth of American youth tennis.