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Oracle OpenWorld is one of the world’s largest annual enterprise technology conferences, hosting more than 60,000 attendees at San Francisco’s Moscone Center in addition to 2.1 million online audience members. In 2014, Mark Hurd delivered his first keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld, where he predicted that “the world in the next 10 years will be all about people” as employee and customer needs drive change. Hurd also noted the difficult task that chief information officers face when updating legacy systems for the cloud – and how Oracle can help, by reducing costs and innovating in real time.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Mark make five predictions for the future of the cloud in 2025:

  1. 80% of production apps will be in the cloud
  2. Two SaaS providers will own 80% of the market
  3. 100% of software development & testing will run through the cloud
  4. All enterprise data will be stored in the cloud
  5. Enterprise cloud will provide the most secure IT environment

Mark touched on the cloud’s ability to provide unparalleled speed and innovation at a cost level that makes cloud offerings accessible for more CEOs. Guest Jim Fowler, CIO of GE, noted that the move to digital is the largest transformation GE has experienced and stated GE’s intent to have 70% of its applications in the cloud by 2020. Mike Brady, CTO of AIG, told Mark Hurd and the Oracle OpenWorld audience that AIG is moving into the cloud for “very, very fast development capabilities,” with Brady mentioning both significant macroeconomic reasons as well as company-specific goals.

“Our job is to get customers in a position where they’re the most efficient and effective they can be. Then I would think move that investment to other areas so they can further their innovation.”
Mark Hurd | Recode Interview

At Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Mark Hurd made another set of predictions on the future of the cloud, this time joined by ClubCorp CEO Patrick Benson to discuss data centers. Mark predicted that by 2025, corporate-owned data centers will have decreased by 80%; Benson noted his own interest in leaving the data center business, a sentiment felt by others in the enterprise space.

Building off of his belief in testing environments moving to the cloud, Mark Hurd noted that in 2016 around 40% of development & testing was already cloud-based, drawing on the connectivity and security of a cloud format. Security was a major topic of conversation, with Mark predicting that enterprise clouds will be the most secure place for IT processing in 2025.

In addition to his OpenWorld keynote addresses, Mark Hurd has also spoken at other Oracle conferences, TEDx events, colleges, leadership events, and even a Sports Illustrated podcast.