Monthly Archives: August 2014

Mark Hurd Video: Cloud Promotes Security, Compliance

Mark Hurd: We all know the world is becoming much more compliant-centric. Security is an omnipresent issue in almost everything we do today. CEOs are still using the traditional approach to these issues, which are, frankly, an add-on to their, to their core business. Oracle views these as absolutely a priority, and devotes extensive resources […]

Mark Hurd Video: Cloud Drives IT Innovation

Mark Hurd: The cloud model lets business leaders spend their precious IT budget on higher value initiatives. They can focus on things that will change the business, give the business a competitive advantage – like delivering real-time intelligence to the sales team so in the end they can sell more; unifying the demand in supply […]

Mark Hurd Video: Cloud Accelerates, Optimizes Business Processes

Mark Hurd: The cloud allows companies to accelerate and to optimize their business processes. Now, as-as most people know — but if you don’t, I’m going to make sure I tell you: Many businesses are running core applications that are 20 years old.

And you think about all of the things that hadn’t been invented in […]