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Mark Hurd Video: Cloud Re-Engineers IT Economics

Mark Hurd: You have a situation now where managing all of the complexity of IT, of simply maintaining the existing systems, integrating all the systems in the old-fashioned approach today eats up roughly 80 percent of the IT budget.

Therefore, only 20 percent of the budget is spent on innovation. This is a very difficult […]

Mark Hurd Video: The Cloud Simplifies IT

Mark Hurd: Using the cloud simplifies IT. Companies need to move away from the old paradigm, where everything is do-it-yourself: get a bunch of disparate parts – a server, an operating system, middleware – all from different suppliers or vendors and spend a lot of time trying to integrate those.

The products should be made to […]

Mark Hurd Talks Baylor Athletics on ESPN Radio

Baylor alum and member of the Board of Regents Mark Hurd was on ESPN Radio with Paul Catalina and David Smoak talking about Baylor athletics, the drive to win — and what Oracle software really does.

Listen to the interview.