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LinkedIn Influencer: “Five Reasons Why CEOs Should Love the Cloud”

Business leaders today face a daunting challenge: finding ways to invest in powerful new customer-facing technologies and engagement models while also, on balance, stripping unproductive costs out of their businesses.

I believe the increasingly capable and proven approach of cloud computing can play a huge role in helping CEOs strike that delicate balance because the cloud […]

FiRe 2014 Centerpiece Conversation: Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd’s FiRe 2014 Centperiece Conversation

Mark Hurd: Why firewalls are no longer the security solution

From the Australian Financial Review

Sophisticated hackers are winning the battle to penetrate business firewalls, so companies and their cyber security ­advisers are turning to a new form of defence to protect sensitive data.

“A lot of people try to secure the ­perimeter,” Oracle president Mark Hurd said at a technology conference in ­California late last month.

“We’re […]

Mark Hurd: Delivering Success to Information Technology Customers

Oracle President Mark Hurd has a unique perspective on global business and the IT industry—and his insight is an essential part of delivering success for Oracle customers.

By Aaron Lazenby
Profit Magazine

Mark Hurd joined Oracle in 2010 as president and a member of the company’s board of directors. Having twice engineered high-profile tech turnarounds—first at specialty hardware […]