Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd is Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Corporation and member of the Oracle board of directors. Mark Hurd joined Oracle in 2010 to oversee corporate direction and strategy and facilitating development in the departments of technology innovation, leadership, and customers. Prior to joining Oracle, Mark Hurd served as chairman, CEO and president of Hewlett-Packard Co.

With over 30 years of technology industry leadership behind him, Mark has been commended as an industry leader. Mark was named one of Fortune’s Most Powerful People in 2007, one of Forbes’ Best Managers in 2009, and The San Francisco Chronicle’s 2008 CEO of the year. As an industry leader, Mark uses his voice to communicate Oracle’s vision to customers, partners, shareholders and investors.

A proud alumnus of Baylor University, Mark Hurd is also a former collegiate tennis player who continues to show his passion for Baylor tennis through philanthropic donations to upgrade and renovate facilities in the Hurd Tennis Building, which is part of the Hurd Tennis Center. Mark also continues to serve his alma mater as a member of the Baylor University Board of Regents.

1906, 2017

Mark Hurd on Recode Decode with Kara Swisher

Mark Hurd discusses Oracle’s move to the cloud with Kara Swisher on Recode Decode.

Full Transcript

2203, 2017

Mark Hurd Predicts Demise Of Best-Of-Breed Technologies

If nothing else, cloud technology has simplified the IT landscape, reducing the pressure on businesses to manage hundreds of different applications for myriad different purposes. […]

1703, 2017

Mark Hurd: Oracle Poised To Overtake In Cloud Revenue

Securing its position as the “fastest-growing cloud company at scale,” Oracle reported that its combined software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) revenues rose 73% in its […]

1801, 2017

Mark Hurd: Three Predictions for 2025 You Can Take to the Bank

By Mark Hurd

Innovation-starved companies stuck in today’s slow-growth economic environment can look forward to better days ahead, because tech spending is going to pivot quickly […]

1701, 2017

Mark Hurd: Cloud Pulls CFOs Into Business Model Revolution

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said Tuesday that the benefits of cloud computing go well beyond cost savings, allowing companies to pay for innovation they can […]