Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd: employees want to know that they have purpose

Employees want to win. They want to be part of something that has a purpose. They wanted to know their purpose relative to the overall organization’s purpose. They want to be convinced that they are working on something important.

Mark Hurd: talent is at the core of success

I am firm believer as you move out over the next five or six years it will all be about people. Everything will be about people. Customers, and employees.

Mark Hurd on hiring workers out of college

We have gone back to the college campus and you will see that we are going to hire 3000 college kids this year. Why do you do that? Because I think the probability of this working is better than the last strategy.

Mark Hurd on multi-generational workforces

Think of that, almost 2 generations of workers at the same time. Actually three generations of workers all at the same time. Imagine the implication on motivation, inspiration, and double things like the tools that they have to have. Think about training. This is going to get very very complicated.

Mark Hurd on growth of consumer IT

Consumer IT, 10 years ago was a couple hundred billion dollars. It is now 1 trillion. It used to be that that a consumers IT spend was a printer in the home, a PC in the home, and a modem. Now it is iPhones, iPads, and applications galore. Companies have spent basically the same amount […]

Mark Hurd: social and data changes everything

Know everything that happens is transparent. The only good news is that it is transparent for everybody. So inside that problem is an opportunity, but social and the data that is now available changes everything.

Mark Hurd discussing market forces driving disruption at Oracle HCM World

So if you think I am in a company and nothing is going to happen, we are great, think again. And I am here to tell you that the cycle times are going to increase. Look at what is happening. This is not really technology issues, these are secular issues all around and I will […]

Mark Hurd on CNBC: “We are Focused on Growing”

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd appeared with CNBC’s Jim Cramer to talk about the cloud and competition in an interview Cramer called “feisty.”

Mark Hurd on LinkedIn: “How Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Business”

By Mark Hurd

Cloud computing is triggering a stunning shift in how businesses operate. Modern SaaS applications for marketing, HR, and ERP are allowing companies to accelerate operations and engage more intimately with their customers thanks to heretofore unseen heroes in their ranks.

In the course of just a few years, this new generation of social/mobile SaaS […]

Outlook for Cloud is Bright

There’s no question that companies are aggressively moving to the cloud to gain the business agility they need to survive, to gain market share, and to become disruptors instead of the disrupted.

Customers I’ve met on recent trips to London, Paris and Sao Paolo aren’t surprised when they hear estimates pegging the public cloud market […]