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Mark Hurd on Dominance In A Tough Market

Oracle CEO tells CNBC’s Jim Cramer in an exclusive interview that Oracle’s accelerating revenue growth stems from its cloud-based offerings. He said the cloud is not cannibalizing Oracle’s on-premise businesses but augmenting them, giving Oracle a huge competitive advantage. As Oracle’s cloud solutions improve, so, too, does Oracle’s sales force in selling them.

Watch the full […]

Mark Hurd Talks to Silicon Angle About the Cloud

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd spoke to Silicon Angle’s John Furrier about the state of the cloud and competition. Among the highlights:

“The ability now to integrate structured data and unstructured data, and do it in near real-time so that you can make a decision on something based on early indicators and then merge and integrate it […]

Mark Hurd on LinkedIn: How Discovering Obscure Patterns Leads to Valuable Insights

The magic of data mining and analytics is in discovering patterns and correlations that intuitive judgment could never divine: the finding, say, that 30-somethings who shop for silk shirts also tend to buy hybrid cars. Or that late-morning credit card purchases are more likely to be fraudulent than those made in the afternoon.

This data-based discovery […]

Mark Hurd Talks Tennis with Sports Illustrated

In this week’s episode of the SI Tennis Beyond the Baseline Podcast, Sports Illustrated executive editor and host Jon Wertheim talks with co-CEO of tech company Oracle Mark Hurd about his college tennis career, the ATP and WTA tours and more.

A former college tennis player at Baylor University, Hurd is still very involved in […]

Mark Hurd Interview on Tennis

In an interview by John Marks, Mark Hurd discusses the transformation of tennis while cheering for Baylor University. The Hurd Tennis Center hosts the NCAA Championships this weekend. Mark Hurd is honored to have the biggest college tennis tournament at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

He is proud of Baylor and describes this honor as […]

Mark Hurd on Loyalty & The Multi-Generational Workforce

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses the challenge of recruiting and retaining workers in a multi-generational workforce that have varying priorities and feelings of loyalty to their organization. Presented at Oracle HCM World 2015.

Mark Hurd: millennials are future-oriented and technology-driven

We are going against the grain and I am frankly going against the data that says to me that it is going to be hard to keep these kids engaged and to keep them driving forward. But for us, it is a chance to be different and a chance to be unique, it is a […]

Mark Hurd of Oracle: our employees are creating the technologies of tomorrow

But it is so motivational to Oracle to have these kids come into our company it puts such excitement and enthusiasm — enthusiasm into the company we bring in new talent and new skills and a different view of the world and it is good for us.

Mark Hurd: employees want to know that they have purpose

Employees want to win. They want to be part of something that has a purpose. They wanted to know their purpose relative to the overall organization’s purpose. They want to be convinced that they are working on something important.

Mark Hurd: talent is at the core of success

I am firm believer as you move out over the next five or six years it will all be about people. Everything will be about people. Customers, and employees.